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Novotec successfully achieved several Research projects, in collaboration with academics, with small businesses and with international leading companies.

Novotec developed fibrosis evaluation tools, which are essential for the pharmaceutical research during the development of potentially anti-fibrosing molecules or bioreagents. These investigative methods were perfected to measure the matricial remodeling, to follow the chronology of the protein synthesis and of their reversible potential, and to forecast the extracellular matrix evolution. These assessments were carried out both on tissular material (human and animal samplings) and liquid material (serum, urine, synovial fluid, cell culture supernatant).

Renal fibrosis - Sirius Red stainingVessels - Gordon Sweet stainingCardiac fibrosis - Sirius Red staining

On the tissular level, Novotec analyses the cell-extracellular matrix interactions to study the development of the fibrosis and its reversibility in various organs :

  • Embryonic development (teeth, liver, heart, kidney)
  • Radiation effects (liver, lung, intestine, kidney)
  • Action of chemocurative treatments reducing inflammation and fibrosing myocarditis
  • Reversibility and atherosclerosis dating
  • Analysis of the collagen expression during chondrogenic induction from mesenchymal stem cells of human bone marrow.

In collaboration with public and private R&D laboratories, Novotec took part in the development of experimental models (mouse and rat) to make the ex vivo study of the extracellular matrix evolution easier.


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