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Immunochemistry / Immunofluorescence

Immunolabelling helps the localization of a protein into a tissue or a cell, by using a specific antibody that can be revealed by an enzymatic or fluorescent reaction.

Immunolabelling services can be carried out on paraffin-embedded tissues as well as on frozen tissues.

Cutaneous substitute -  anti-Ki67 Mouse Skin _IF on paraffin section_Cytokeratin 10

Triple immunofluorescence in paraffin sectionBovine Cartilage _ IHC Collagen IIB


















Contrary to a technical support center, Novotec offers a customized service that ensures a scientific and technical support in the conception of its clients’ project. The development of optimized protocols is provided contingent on the target protein, the antibody, the studied tissue and the various technical constraints, notably through feasibility studies.

Observations and interpretation of results are detailed into an illustrated report.




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