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Histology / Staining

Histology helps visualizing and analyzing the morphology of an organ, and describing the specific structures of tissues and cells.

Novotec processes samples from their reception to the interpretation of the results. Novotec carries out paraffin embedding, freezing and resin embedding (Epoxy or MMA), tissue section and staining. Depending on the client’s project, appropriate staining is suggested. Observations and interpretation of the results can be included in the service through a detailed report (french or english) and selected photo plates.

Atheroma (GRIPA)Zebrafish - MTG staining














Type of tissues: soft tissues, hard tissues and materials

Standard staining :

  • Hematoxylin- Eosin -Saffron (HES)
  • Masson’s trichrome
  • Masson-Goldner trichrome (MGT).

 PicroSirius Red staining _ polarized light

Specific staining :

  • Collagens : Picrosirius red, Gordon Sweet
  • Elastin : Van Gieson (Verhoeff)
  • Glycoaminoglycans : Safranin O (SO), Blue Alcian blue
  • Glycogene : Periodic Acid Schiff (PAS),  Toluidine blue
  • Lipids : Red Oil
  • Inflammation : May Grünwald Giemsa (MGG)
  • Ferric deposits : Perl’s
  •  …